Where am I?

Where am I?

Slender developer's latest scare


  • Interesting evolving maze
  • Tense and atmospheric
  • Effective!


  • Dull graphics


Created in 48 hours for a Ludum Dare competition with the theme of Evolution, Where am I? is the latest creepy game from the developer of Slender.
It's a first person horror again, but a much shorter experience. The evolution theme is addressed by the graphics evolving as you play. You are in some kind of dark maze, but corridors can move even if you turn around for a second, making it very disorienting.

Like Slender, Where am I? uses sound really well to heighten your tension as you explore. There is nothing to find here, except the scare that the game build up to over it's short 5 or so minutes. Where am I? is scary, but the claustrophobic corridors are not as iconic or memorable as the forest and buildings of Slender.

Where am I? works as a little experiment, and I'd recommend it if you enjoy horror games or Slender. It delivers chills and an effective scare!

Where am I?


Where am I?

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